The Best Crawfish in Spring, The Woodlands, and Montgomery County

Hallelujah! Crawfish Season comes early! We've found big, delicious crawfish from our favorite source in Louisiana, and we're bringing them to you! Our approach is different. We boil your crawfish to order, so they're hot, fresh, and seasoned just the way you like it.

If you're a crawfish lover, Off The Hook Seafood is your new favorite place. All of our crawfish are trucked in from Louisiana, and Chef Micah will only accept the best crawfish around.

Crawfish Cooked to Order

Your order is boiled to order; no pre-cooked, re-warmed crawfish for our guests. It takes a little longer, but we think you'll agree that it's worth it.

We're Picky

Like you, we're picky about our crawfish. We don't accept anything but the best. So we're going to run out occasionally. Check our Facebook page to see if we've got 'em today.

Come try our crawfish. We think you'll love the difference.

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